We originally opened our doors in 2012 with an idea that all shops are not created equal. We aim to exceed the expectations of what most people consider the tattoo experience to be and have spent a lot of time and effort working to achieve this. For most people, the process of getting a tattoo is more than just the art itself, it is a memory that can leave a lasting impression.

Our goals here are to accommodate our clients with respect, exceptional service, a warm inviting atmosphere, and the highest quality of work we are able to provide. Whether you are looking for something that is large or small, simple or intricate, meaningful or whimsical – getting tattooed is a very personal experience and should be treated as such. Our goal is quality over quantity and the utmost customer satisfaction. We believe every tattoo should get the attention it deserves.

To assure you get the best experience possible, all hours and tattoos are by appointment only. Please contact one of our artists directly to schedule your tattoo.

Integrity Alliance
1111 Smokey Park Highway
Candler, NC 28715
(828) 676-4407